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Having already had one child successfully through IVF treatment, I had been trying for 4 years to conceive again through the same process. I originally went along to see Dr Limba Herbal Home for Reflexology to support my general health whilst having the IVF treatment, but he has ended up giving far more than this.

Dr Limba has listened carefully to the diagnosis I have reported of the Western medicine and recommended alternative therapies at each stage to support the scientific process. he has performed acupuncture as well as prescribed Herbal mixture which have been very specific to my problems. he has carefully tweaked these prescriptions through each stage and I am now in the early stages of pregnancy.

I do believe that Dr Limba contribution has made a difference to the IVF cycle this time and I am convinced that his treatments can work fantastically alongside the traditional Western methods of assisted conception.

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4288 JS Uitwijk Eng, North Brabant Netherlands

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