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Affordable, Flexible and Remote. Start working after earning your diploma!
E&S Academy is focused on training future healthcare professionals with comprehensive healthcare training programs. Industry professionals designed relevant and career-focused quality course materials. Our healthcare programs are available to help you find the ideal career path in the industry.
Courses List and time:
● Online Medical Office Assistant/Specialist. Hours:50h
● Online Medical/Clinical Assistant. Hours: 360h
● Online Certified Home Health Aide. Hours: 60h
● Online Medical Billing & Coding. Hours:152h
● Online Patient Care Technician. Hours: 230h
● Online EKG Technician. Hours: 75h
● Online Phlebotomy Technician. Hours: 60h
● CHHA Reinstatement. Hours:12 h
E & S Academy has been in business over 10+ years, training and certifying healthcare professionals that wanted to certified their knowledge with a vocational career that lead them to a great job placement.
Call us today at 844-372-2233 or ENROLL ONLINE on our website at

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