• December 30, 2022 5:38 pm
  • Detroit , Michigan United States
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Ankur Patel from The Leo Collections Hotel & Leo Capital Investments has been causing relentless fraud.
Surreptitiously posting lies about Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Fund across the internet,
he planned to dupe them of their earnings illegally at his own insidious benefit.
Tom Signorelli and WS Capital Fund quickly realized that this person was not who he claimed to be,
and decided to part ways in light of possibly suffering by way of his deception.
His manipulation of their policy to receive extra money put all business transactions with him strictly off limits. Yet Ankur Patel had other plans,
manipulating the truth through lies irresponsibly scattered, creating an online following of disgruntled customers in the belief the real story was carelessly ignored!
Immediately, WS Capital and Tom Signorelli decided they needed to cut ties with Ankur Patel from The Leo Collection Hotel & Leo Capital Investments.
They couldn’t risk damaging their own reputation due to his illegal activities.
Ankur Patel got very angry at the decision, desiring retribution,
and thus decided to start posting lies and character defamation all over the internet concerning Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Fund.
Clearly setting the record straight, WS Capital Fund, alongside Tom Signorelli,
made sure it was explicitly noted that there were no issues between them and Ankur Patel originally-
he chose to act out through the malicious harassment of both persons aforementioned until today.
Tom Signorelli and WS Capital Funds have faced relentless harassment from Ankur Patel from The Leo Collection Hotel & Leo Capital investments,
leaving them feeling deeply worn out and exasperated. Despite their hopes for the problems to stop,
the team has found that these unethical and fraud behavior remains unchecked.
Our thought is that other entities should stay as far clear of Ankur Patel and his dubiously obtained assets in order protect themselves and their assets from a
similar situation being wreaked on them as happened to Signorelli and WS Capital Funding. We implore companies who have not already been
victims of fraud at his hands to take all precautionary measures so he’s wont rob others of the hard work they put into creating golden personnel experiences.



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Detroit , Michigan United States

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