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✅ What is ECOSYSTEM?

It is an enterprise that had been created in response to issues with the production and cultural
environment of cocoa, whose production has been passed down through the centuries and is one of the
foundations of the Latin American economy.
History of COCOA:
Suppose we start talking about the history of fine aroma COCOA in Ecuador. In that case, we will
find that the inhabitants of the Ecuadorian Amazon's south, province of Zamora Chinchipe, the
Palanda sector, of the Mayo-Chinchipe culture, cultivating and consuming this product lasting 5300
years. But the first "boom" in its use occurs in the country between 1780 and 1820, following the
removal of tariffs imposed by the Spanish Crown in its possessions of America during the colony.
COCOA Products:
It is used for many products foremost we can say it is the heart of global chocolate, some other
products include liquor (COCOA LIQUEURS) of high-quality distilled from cocoa nectar juice and
enhanced with natural honey concentrations. It is used to make soft chocolate that is used in
confectionery, and chocolate decorations, CRYPTO COFFE XCAO is also its product etc.
Future of COCOA:
The future of cocoa, the heart of a $98 billion global chocolate industry, is in danger. There are
different reasons, ranging from global warming to pests. Some scientists even predicted that chocolate
could be "on its way to extinction" within the next four decades.
It is an opportunity to increase the world’s AGRI-FOOD TRADE. The use of this technology in the
agri-food sector will increase competitiveness, decrease transaction processes, shorten the costs and
facilitate the traceability of products, as a result, it will generate greater confidence in the markets and
improve agricultural trade.
Uses of BLOCKCHAIN Technology:
The use of this technology has a positive impact on the efficiency and productivity of farms, such as
the use of sensors that can measure the temperature of the land and can provide much other important
information about weather and fertilizers etc. that can be used for certain actions to save crops.
What XCAO is going to do for the solution?
XCAO is one of the organizations that are finding solutions to the problem, for this XCAO is
consolidating cocoa production into an ecosystem, transforming it into chocolate, they are linking
consumers and investors under a digital system of organized data. Based on the conclusions XCAO
SYSTEM GROUP has started the inclusive project of cocoa and chocolate production, as it is an
outstanding business option and connectivity, of an entire community that benefits from agricultural

The relation between COCOA production and AGRO-INDUSTRY:
Cocoa production in Ecuador is the main method of developing resources for the XCAO ecosystem,
both physical trade and crypto assets such as NFT’s and Xcao Token.
What is XCAO-COIN ?
It is a digital TOKEN used to regularize and protect transactions in the ecosystem of production,
transformation and marketing of cocoa products as a means of payment of its own, it works on the
BINANACE network and its digital peer is the BNB.
The value of this token is given in relation to the value of cocoa on the New York Stock Exchange.
Liquidity subscription of XCAO SYSTEM GROUP will start from the sixth (6) month of the public
sale of the XCAO token. And the payment to the liquidity of XCAO COIN will be made in the
following month after the monthly closing
Our Safety and Security system:
Agricultural insurance covers calamities in production, protecting the ecosystem and its investors. The
entire system has the accompaniment of certification of quality, traceability, and documentation. With
certifiers of international recognition that give a guarantee of the processes and products.
Value of NFT’s, Dividend and NFT yields Payment:
= 1 m2 of land cultivated in cocoa is worth 1 USD, 3000 USD divided into 10,000 m2 which is the
hectare, which means: 1m2 of cocoa cultivation gives profits to the investor of 0.30 USD/ year.

More Information :https://xcaosystemgroup.com/


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West 27th Street 1227, 50614 Cedar Falls , Iowa United States

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